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Turf Growth Regulator

Turf Growth Regulator (TGR) is one of the most innovative lawn care Canton Ohio products to come out of the industry. This application positively impacts every aspect of lawn care and saves you time and money. TGR enhances the quality of your turf, increases turf density, suppresses weed growth and reduces mowing costs by decreasing the number of times you need to mow. TGR is often used to establish sod and is also used in overseeding, making both processes more successful. Primo MAXX is one of the best TGR’s in the industry. If you’ve been looking for a Turf Growth Regulator, call the lawn service Canton experts at Greensman, Inc. today and ask for a FREE consultation. Lawn Care Canton Ohio

Servicing Akron, Canton, Kent, Tallmadge, Hudson & NE Ohio

Reduces Mowing, Edging & Clippings

Primo MAXX reduces your lawn’s rate of growth by 50 percent for four weeks. This reduction will save on costs and mowing time and will also reduce the wear and tear on mowing equipment. By mowing less, you will also have fewer clippings, reducing the rate of thatch build-up. Chemical edging is also utilized to control turf growth around tree trunks, landscape fixtures and edges, which reduces the labor needed for trimming. Our lawn care Canton Ohio experts are happy to offer you a FREE consultation so you can learn more about Primo MAXX! Lawn Service Canton

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Saves Time

Primo MAXX suppresses turf growth, reducing your need to mow, edge and trim as frequently. Instead of spending a portion of each week maintaining your lawn, Primo MAXX frees up your schedule so you can do whatever YOU want! Our lawn service Canton technicians can provide you with more information on how Primo MAXX not only saves time, but also enhances the health and beauty of your turf! Lawn Care Akron Ohio

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Pre-Stress Conditioning

Your lawn can become easily stressed by a variety of factors, including the weather, mowing habits, foot traffic and diseases. Primo MAXX enhances your turf’s ability to handle those stresses without sacrificing appearance, durability or health by fortifying the root system prior to stress. Our lawn care Akron Ohio technicians recommend multiple applications in the fall to promote increased food reserves and stronger roots before the winter months. Call the lawn care Akron Ohio pros at Greensman, Inc. today! Akron Lawn Care

Impact on Turf Quality

Applications of Primo MAXX will increase turf density and health, eliminate weeds and establish stronger roots. The end result will be a slower-growing turf that is thicker and healthier. This Akron lawn care application is exactly what you’ve been missing in your lawn care regimen. Call Greensman, Inc. today to learn more about the benefits of Primo MAXX! Lawn Care Canton

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Use in Overseeding

Prior to overseeding, our lawn care Canton technicians will apply Primo MAXX to slow the rate of turf growth. This allows the seedlings to grow more quickly and successfully because the seeds don’t have to compete with existing grass. The use of Primo MAXX will guarantee a thick, vibrant lawn all season long. For premium lawn care Canton, call Greensman, Inc. today! Lawn Care Canton Ohio

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Aids Sod Establishment

Primo MAXX will increase the success of sod establishment by suppressing the top growth so the roots are given time to establish and become stronger. Our lawn care Canton Ohio technicians will not have to mow as frequently because the sod will not grow as quickly. However, fertilization treatments can still be administered, which will further aid in the establishment of the root system. Let our lawn care Canton Ohio specialists give you a FREE consultation so you can learn more about this beneficial application! Lawn Service Canton

Low Toxicity

Unlike many other lawn applications, Primo MAXX will not have a negative impact on animals or humans who come into contact with this treatment. Once Primo MAXX has been applied, it is perfectly safe for your family and pets to roam freely around your landscape. Consult your Greensman, Inc. lawn service Canton technician for more information on Primo MAXX! Lawn Care Akron Ohio

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Greensman, Inc. is your number one choice for all your landscaping Canton Ohio needs in Akron, Cuyahoga Falls, Kent, Bath, Mogadore, Tallmadge, Richfield, Green and surrounding Akron, Ohio, communities.